Consider your company and your role within it. Is your organization aware that it is indeed a sales organization? Is your organization culture based on the values, beliefs and processes that yield concrete, serious and predictable sales result?

This is precisely the organization team “niche”. Our main and only goal is to help you in building a professional sales culture and strong hierarchical structure which includes all the employees, sales team managers and the management members themselves.

Sales is exciting, but it needs to be learned from real mentors, in practice, really selling and experiencing numerous successes and failures that will also bring a certain lesson. It is precisely therefore that we want to transfer our knowledge and experience via ESAS.

Let us introduce ourselves:


The Sorbel Group is an organization whose strategic goal is to offer the models of how to sell, behave and perform on the market of the South-eastern Europe.

The business model of the Sorbel Group is based on the cooperation with business-active professionals who come from different branches of economy and who, through high enthusiasm and personal and work experience based on doing business in South-eastern Europe and belonging to some of the biggest global corporations in B2B, B2C and H2H market segment, allow exceptional quality of their workshops and consulting.

Our vision is to offer to the market the so-called “mentoring” from actual practice from experienced professionals, and not theoreticians with little or no selling and business experience.

With such mentors we provide concrete simplification of the sales process and sales psychology, create sales teams of exceptional performances, and enable the companies, management, and the very salespeople more successful attracting of new customers.

Our workshops change the approach to sales and allow adaptation of personal and culturological specifics that will most certainly result in the creation of a satisfied customer not for one delivery, month or a quarter, but for a lifetime.

In its essence the Sorbel Group is a modern consulting company specialized in sales trainings and sales coaching based on the in-depth approach to personal as well as culturological characteristics of every individual and/or organization.

It is the sales that is the heart and the soul of business. The others need to be convinced first of all. Is there within the organization any department that is more important than sales?


TheFaktor B Ltd. has been founded as a result of the desire to achieve excellence in business consulting and education. We have combined personal experience in sales and experience in performing educational seminars and created the proven most efficient programs.

Combining knowledge, passion and one’s own wish to improve daily, we offer high-quality professional consulting and education to companies and individuals who seek improvement of their business and personal achievements.

We are professionals for training and consulting in the areas of sales, communication, management skills and in the trainings of personal growth and development.

Our seminars and trainings are exceptionally interactive, proactive, motivating and inspirational and they give incentive to the participants to take part, consider and apply what they have learned in practice.

The education programs are being fully adapted to the needs of our customers, and in our work, apart from classical forms of presentations and contents, we use various audio and visual materials, situation exercises with role-play, practical examples, discussions, etc.

Our seminars and trainings increase the working efficiency, motivation, and self-confidence of the participants, they have increased communication efficiency and consequent improvement of company business results.