Floating Master-class by Daniel Disney is a unique one-day event to be held on October 13 in the very heart of Istria. It will consist of two thematically separated sessions each of which will last 90 minutes. In the first session Disney will talk about the benefits of LinkedIn as a growing business and sales platform, while the other will focus on creating quality media content that will enhance your business and connect with others. This Master-class is special because both sessions take place on a boat that will sail to Lim Fjord, which means that with top class lectures it also offers the possibility of additional networking with a joint lunch and relaxation. The number of participants is limited to 40.

Participants of the ESAS2018 will be able to listen to master class for an extra charge of € 149, which includes one night at the Hotel Parentium, Plava Laguna. For others interested prices are € 369 with one night HB included or € 449 with two overnight HB stays in the same hotel.

For people flying over from UK we recommend flights from London (STN) to Ljubljana (12-14.10.2018) – prices go around 180,00 € and airport pickup in/to Ljubljana would be arranged.

Daniel Disney is one of the leading sales specialists whose Master-classes are extremely popular in the UK and beyond, focusing on topics such as personal branding, creating content, and maintaining successful communication with clients and potential partners.

You can sign up at esas@salesadria.com