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Welcome to the official pages of the First Regional Summit in the sales profession – Executive Sales Adria Summit.

The main goal of the First Regional Sales Summit is to assist the sales persons and sales organizations in their growth, development and achieving of maximal sales potential. The entire Summit is based on the idea of developing the sales profession. If you want to improve the work and the results of your sales and additionally motivate your team – join us!

ESAS is a unique regional gathering of sales professionals who will have the opportunity during the three days of the Summit to exchange various sales tools, models and examples from practice that will provide everyone with an exceptional, additional business, as well as personal development. This is precisely the reason why ESAS is ideal for:

  • Executive directors and top management,
  • Sales directors,
  • Marketing directors,
  • Sales managers,
  • Key account managers,
  • Training and education managers,
  • Human resource managers,
  • Sales representatives, professional salespeople and all who see themselves in sales.

The Summit will provide the participants with modern, intensive and proactive learning that will result in new aspects and inspiration towards the latest sales trends in the world of today’s sales.

Therefore, come with an open mind, be ready to leave the comfort zone, exchange experiences with colleagues and fully enjoy the three exceptional days!